Columbia Road Flower Market

Blog number one, here goes…

I have come to the conclusion that there are three reasons to visit Columbia Road Flower Market – the flowers (duh), the ridiculous number of cute dogs and the supply of local coffee and cake.

Today was a pretty grey London day, but my friend Poppy and I decided we should take a trip to the market and treat ourselves to some flowers. Seeing as payday isn’t until Tuesday we waited until mid afternoon to pick up a bargain, just before the market closed.

The market opens 8am-3pm (ish) every Sunday and if you were sensible and wanted to avoid the rush then you’d arrive early. Unfortunately we were too busy eating an over-sized fry up to take this into consideration and arrived just after 2pm. It turns out we weren’t the only ones with this bright idea.

You do need a little patience, but it is definitely worth the squeezing as we both bought some beautiful (bargain) roses. We also saw (and stroked) some fantastic dogs, which made all the queuing and squishing worthwhile.

After this work-out we decided we needed/deserved a little caffeine fix and headed towards AIDA in Shoreditch. This concept store is the sort of place you can waste away hours, and that is exactly what we did.

It’s family run and is all about celebrating talents within the local community, which I think is bloody great. By day it is home to some great women and menswear ranges, delightful homeware and even has its own beauty parlour. By night it holds a range of events, from charity evenings to film screenings. Plus it has its own café serving some pretty tasty cake.

AIDA is a little dream spot – I mean, what more do you want from a Sunday afternoon?

Check out AIDA here.



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