The Pavilion, Victoria Park

I don’t think you can beat a good brunch – especially after a late night. The boys had just played the Shepherds Bush Empire and we were in dire need of a ‘pick me up’ breakfast the following morning.

After much deliberation we decided to re-visit an old haunt – The Pavilion in Victoria Park. I’m glad we did as I had totally forgotten how cute the place is and just how good the breakfasts are. We decided to embrace autumn, wrapped up and walked (stumbled) towards Victoria Park.

The café, housed in the park’s quirky dome-shaped pavilion sits on the waterfront and has seating running alongside the waters edge and out onto a jetty. We found a spot, settled in with a coffee and spent a long time debating the menu and taking in the view. It’s so chilled that you can easily forget you’re in the middle of London.


As an unfortunate sufferer of FOJ (food-order-jealousy) I try to share as much as possible because, obviously, sharing is caring. And I totally care that I get the best breakfast. In the end we opted for a Vegetarian breakfast and Eggs Florentine to share. The grilled halloumi, homemade baked beans and veggie hash were to die for.

The guys at the Pavilion carefully consider their suppliers and place great emphasis on their organic produce and local sourcing. You can genuinely taste the difference and it’s always good to be mindful about what you are eating and how it has reached your plate!




We thought it would be rude not to try at least one baked treat before we left and so bought a brownie for the road. A brownie for the road is always a good idea and this one had a good goo-factor. We wandered for a while, took in the autumn scenes and feeling more human, decided to tackle the day ahead.

image2-2I’ll leave you with a little secret – The Pavilion has a bakery at Broadway Market serving coffee, bread and baked treats.

Don’t tell anyone.



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