Verden, E5

A wine bar probably isn’t your usual Sunday morning fix, but for Verden in Clapton, you can make an exception. By night it’s a chic little wine bar with a buzzy atmosphere and a huge wine list but by day it’s a more chilled out affair. Although thankfully, the huge wine list doesn’t go anywhere.

We arrived slightly late for our booking (I fell out with my wardrobe) but the floor manager assured us this was no problem and we were soon seated with a much needed cup of tea. This didn’t last long though and we had soon swapped these for something a little stronger.

I opted for an aperol spritz which was just delightful. Let’s just say it was so good that we didn’t stop at one. I guess it just comes with the territory if you’re in a wine bar at 11.30am. A boozy brunch is what Sundays are for, right?

We took our time browsing the menu in between flicking through the morning paper and spying on other peoples food before ordering our own. We both chose breakfast classics – smoked salmon royale and a ‘Verden breakfast’ – and were not disappointed. Verden sets the standard for a good brunch – keeping it simple and tasty.

The restaurant also offers a ‘bottle shop’ where you can buy your favourites from dinner (or brunch!). I’m always trying new wines at dinner and then forgetting about them, so thought this was a fab idea. They also have some pretty impressive christmas hampers set to be launched on December 1st. You can’t go wrong with cheese and wine.

Verden is a smart little place with great interiors in an area loved for its shabby appeal. Part of me feels Verden would be more at home in the West End, but somehow it works. It was full of locals, who I imagine, like us will be going back.

After brunch, feeling pretty full we wrapped up and headed towards Hackney Downs to stroll off our sins. It was pretty windy so we quickly gave up on documenting the day with any more photographs!



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