Duck & Waffle

I am not a morning person and there are very few things that could possibly persuade me to wake up at the unearthly hour of 05.15, but a sunrise breakfast happens to be one of them.

We had somehow managed to persuade a bunch of our friends to join us and despite the time were all feeling pretty awake and excited at the prospect of breakfast in the sky.

We arrived at Duck & Waffle at 06.15 via the high-speed lift (a challenge for us all at this time of morning) which whizzed us up to the 40th floor.  It’s a pretty special place as both the bar and restaurant offer panoramic views of the city below.

London hadn’t quite woken up yet (neither had we) and the city lights were twinkling beneath us. We were shown to our window table and decided that quickly ordering a round of pick-me-up coffees would be wise. At this point there were only a handful of other customers and so we set about exploring, wandered around the restaurant and took some selfies with The Gherkin.

The breakfast menu was a hit and it took us far too long to decide. So long infact that we casually ordered croissants to eat while we debated. Don’t judge.

Between us we ordered a selection of the breakfast waffles and classic dishes. I’d recommend the Columbian Eggs. And the Smoked Salmon Royale. And the signature Duck & Waffle. A sharing breakfast feast is definitely the way forward.

FullSizeRenderA few coffees later and we watched as the night sky became gradually lighter and faded away into a pink haze. Below us London was waking up. With sunrise, the restaurant became increasingly busier and by the time we took the lift to leave, the city was back to its usual buzzing self.

On top of unbeatable views, artisan cocktails and great interiors, Duck & Waffle is open 24 hours. The dream.

It felt good to have made the most of these early hours and we all left feeling more awake, pleasantly full and super smug. Expect to see some more early morning adventures.



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