Sager and Wilde, Hackney Road

Sitting on a pretty unsuspecting corner of Hackney Road is Sager and Wilde. From the outside the frosted glass makes it look like a secret hide-out and once inside, the thick blinds make it the perfect place to escape the winter blues. Expect exposed brick, a long bar made from reclaimed street tiles and snug round tables. Candles are lit and it’s cosy. Sager and Wilde’s mission? To provide high quality wine at reasonable prices. What’s not to like?

Whether you’re popping in for a glass or settling in for the evening with a bottle, the daily special menu alongside the extensive wine list offers lots of treats to keep you busy. The waiters are happy to recommend their favourites, keep you well informed and if you’d like, guide your choices throughout the evening. Sticking to the wine bar rule book, there is absolutely no risk of you having an empty glass. Temptingly too, you can take a bottle of your favourite wine home with you.

Despite the carefully curated wine list, Sager and Wilde is unpretentious and chilled – it’s a place to try something new. And we did. Throughout the evening we were treated to a few taster glasses by our waiter who, towards the end of the night drew our attention to this 1985 bottle. There was no going back.

Food wise there is an ever-changing menu of small plates. The evening quickly turned into the night and by this time we had lost all self-control, so ordered the chorizo patatas bravas and the mini pulled-pork slider. We accidentally went back for more, ordering both the charcuterie and cheese board. It’s a mistake I would make again.

Sager and Wilde is always busy and for good reason. With fine wine, endless charcuterie and cheese boards and old-school R&B playing all night… you just can’t go wrong.

Considering how much wine had been consumed, the night should have probably ended there, but the barman pointed out that Mr Buckleys, a cocktail bar just a few doors down, was still open. I won’t fill you in on the rest, but here’s to hoping that no photographs ever surface because some quite impressive dancing went down.


P.S I’m super excited for the week ahead, mainly because WE ARE GETTING OUR CHRISTMAS TREE and also because Chris is back from tour. Priorities hey.


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