Midnight Apothecary, The Brunel Museum




I’m going to let you into a well kept secret – I’ve found somewhere perfect for these chilly (or not so chilly) winter evenings. How does sitting around a crackling campfire, toasting marshmallows whilst sipping fresh wild cocktails sound? All of that in the heart of London. Yep, I didn’t quite believe it either.



Sitting above Brunel’s Thames Tunnel in Rotherhithe is a secret garden. A secret garden lit by fairy lights, lanterns and which is taken over once a month by the Midnight Apothecary team, who serve flowerbed to bar cocktails and mulled rum infused with locally foraged or garden grown herbs and flowers. Check out the Brunel Museum for other events here.





We took up the challenge of being professional cocktail tasters and managed to work our way through the whole menu. Not only were all of the cocktails super pretty, but tasted like they had been made with a lot of love. The live band kept everyone singing and it felt very festive with mistletoe and holly hanging all around. I’ve decided carols and cocktails are the best combination. Ever.






In the summer, the garden is a haven for escaping the chaos of the city and watching the riverside sunsets. For now, it’s cosy and with the crackling of fires and twinkling lanterns, it has a magical feel. Throughout the winter the cocktail evening occurs just once a month (you can book your tickets in advance) but happens weekly in the summer. There is even an optional guided descent into the underground chamber through a teeny-tiny door – it’s like a mini adventure for you and your cocktail.


On your way home make sure you go for a wander along the river and take in the glittering night lights of the city. We left feeling a lot like christmas and after some very last minute packing and not a lot of sleep arrived in Paris for a little christmas trip. Until my next post you can follow my snaps and adventures on Instagram

Have a lovely Christmas!




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