Broadway Market, London Fields





So, it’s pretty cold out there. For me, this means it’s tempting to hibernate and avoid cold hands, red noses and the shivers. But it’s the weekend and that would be pretty boring, so  instead, I wrapped up in this huge Zara scarf and an oversized coat and skipped off to meet a friend for a market mooch and a mocha.





We headed to Broadway Market, which runs from London Fields, down a cobbled road to the Regent’s Canal at Haggerston. It’s only open on a Saturday and the little street really comes to life. What’s nice about this market, unlike others in London, is its not too big and not too small. It’s busy, but not frustratingly so and everyone is very chilled out. It has a very relaxed weekend vibe and is quite charming in the way it mixes the old traditions of the original market with the input of new bohemians, local designers and bright talent.











Walking towards the market you can smell the goodness – it makes your mouth water and leaves you feeling very, very hungry. There’s a range of street food, with something for everyone, from fresh farm produce and artisan bread and cakes to the most delicious chocolate truffles you have ever tasted. As usual, the Meringue Girls were doing what they do best and had some incredible treats on offer. Broadway Market is basically food heaven and what makes it even better is there’s tonnes of tasting opportunities too – don’t be shy.






There’s plenty to browse or buy – from vintage clothes, homeware and flowers to pottery and antiques. The list is endless. Be warned there are lots of ‘cutesy bits’ like copper vases, candles and stoneware too, which you will persuade yourself are essentials. I fell for the stationary stall and am now the proud owner of some super cute card stands and over-sized paper clips. Like I said, ‘essentials’.


Dotted alongside the market stalls are independent shops, pubs, cafes and a great little bookshop. Take it slowly and allow yourself a whole afternoon to make the most of it all. There are street performers and artists too and it’s worth pausing for a moment to take it all in. Whilst you’re in the area, pop to Netil Market just a few minutes away for (yet more) food, handmade jewellery and some pretty cool terrariums. It’s right by London Fields too, so in warmer weather it’s the perfect spot for a picnic or a lazy afternoon nap.


So, we’ve established Broadway Market is good for food, but it is also great for people (and dog) watching. There’s a pretty eclectic mix of people and styles too. More importantly, there were so many dogs. SO many dogs. I could have stolen about five, but managed to resist. We spent the afternoon eating our way around the market, munched on some meringue kisses, watched the sunset over the stalls and headed inside for a catch-up over a hot chocolate at Climpsons & Sons. It was a pretty perfect (if not very cold) Saturday.

Until next time, wrap up and go eat cake.


P.s I’m super excited for the boys (Coasts) album release THIS Friday, hopefully there will be lots of cake and champagne to celebrate.


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