Rawduck, London Fields



First things first. Don’t panic, I haven’t eaten raw duck.

Rawduck, the sister of Ducksoup in Soho, is a restaurant in London Fields open for all day dining. As I have found out, weekend brunch is a popular time to visit.

The restaurant prides itself on its constantly evolving, globally inspired menu with simple seasonal cooking and robust flavours. The brunch menu is big. Big and eclectic. Some of the dishes sound a bit complicated, but actually what this restaurant does best is simple – eggs, eggs and more eggs.




Drinks are a big deal here too. There is an extensive menu of homemade drinking vinegars, breakfast juices and cocktails. We tried the spinach, apple, cucumber, parsley and cayenne pepper breakfast juice and it didn’t disappoint.

A lot of love and care is taken and everything has a little twist. By everything, I mean everything. There were chilli flakes (we think!) hiding in the bottom of my hot chocolate, which was a little bit of a surprise.


Unfortunately Rawduck has an inconvenient menu -there are too many good things to choose from. Not wanting to miss out (and being a bit of a pancake lover) we had a starter serving of the pancakes before ordering our main brunch meal. Way forward.



So, I’m calling them pancakes. If you are being technical and going by the menu, they are ‘Polenta hotcakes, ricotta fresca and honey’ – whatever they were, they were fantastic. Light and fluffy and sweet. MMM.




We followed this with the breakfast bap. This isn’t any breakfast bap. This is a breakfast bap that has fallen from heaven. ‘Fried egg, crispy bacon, spinach and harissa mayo’ – it’s a pick it up and get involved sort of thing. Be prepared to get messy.



Next, we shared the ‘Avocado, poached eggs (10/10) on sourdough with coriander and chilli’. Again, a great success. After some nosing on our neighbours order, I have decided that next time I will be trying one of the broken egg dishes.

The restaurant carefully considers its sourcing and only uses producers in food and wine that are passionate and whose produce is reflective of its background and journey. There is a ‘healthful’ approach to eating  with all of the pickles, ferments, jams and drinks being made in-house. Don’t worry, there are still hot chocolates and slabs of chocolate for pud.




Interior wise, it’s casual and clean lined. There is a concrete bar and prep area and chalkboard menu next to wooden shelves of wine and jars of pickles. Long wooden tables stretch out from the floor to ceiling windows and there are so many plants. It’s basically a jungle – in a good way. The plant pots that sit along the middle of the sharing tables cleverly work as a divider and are also good for spying.

The staff are super friendly and you feel no pressure to rush your order. The sharing tables make it feel relaxed and the whole place feels really sociable. Just up from Broadway Market and London Fields, Rawduck is in a perfect spot to walk off that inevitable ‘I can’t move’ feeling. The universal sign of a good brunch.

By night its a wine bar and on Sundays they offer a sharing roast. What more do you want?



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